My First Blog Post

I got excited today.

I got excited today.  For the first time in a long time I feel pure EXCITEMENT … I feel meaning, purpose … like this is where I’ve needed to be for a long time, and finally got the courage to try and make my dreams, a reality. For what, you ask? JuSteph.4.All. Get it? JuSteph (like Justice) 4 All! Or a play on words with the infamous Sean Hayes, as Jack on Will & Grace, when he would say “Just Jack”!!

The “name” for my blog page came to me rather quickly, once I sat and thought about it for longer than 5 seconds. Yup, I googled. I researched. Clickity click (=me typing) … ways to name a blog … Clickity click … ways to name an effective blog, clickity click … ways to name a catchy blog … clickity clack … ways I’ll go cray cray trying to name my first ever, want it to be PERFECT blog … clickity click clackity clook … ways to tell my family their lives are about to forever change, because I’m going to write about THEM, probably on the regs … clickity click … ways to kiss a toady frog, lol now THAT one was just for CLICKS and giggles … clickity click … 😉

In all seriousness, I don’t know what I’m going to write about, well, I have an idea, obviously, but it’s just about life, basically. I, personally, don’t specialize in one thing, but I have a lot of experience in almost everything … That being said, Hi, my name is Stephanie, I am currently 41, and I’m about to enter “The Blog Zone” .. muahhh hahaha! … dum dum dummmmm!!!

My love for writing started at a very young age.  I have always had a vivid imagination, and would sometimes use it to get out of trouble … whoops!  Regardless, I have a hard time conveying my thoughts and feelings on the fly … which is why I love to write … These are my words … My thoughts … My feelings.  No one can tell me that I am wrong, and I can always go back, re-read, edit, post.  No one can “boss” my words around, and I’m here to tell you that writing for my own pleasure, has been a dream of mine forever.  Potentially making a career out of  what I love to do, is my ultimate goal.  Be constructive of my writing … I’m learning as I go.  I can take criticism …  constructively. 😉   I have no time, and no need for negative nellies … You can all kiss my arse … with that being said … I will swear and I will cuss, but it will never be in a negatively, mean manner … I have a mouth like a trucker, and in my own American opinion, the more you swear, the more honest you are!!  If you don’t have patience for a potty mouth … Move the fuck on … and I say that in the most loving way possible.   I mean no harm … I am who I am … JuSteph4All has just been born … ENJOY!


Author: JuSteph4All

I have an extreme love for conveying life in colorful words! Since I can remember, I have loved everything about writing, creating.. Bringing my mind to different places. Better yet ... having someone else's mind go to another place, makes me happiest!! I'm a wife, daughter, and most importantly ... Mom. I live and breathe for my family. I love to write, read, ride my bike, hang at the lake, NYC, being outside, people watching ;) My guilty pleasure is trashy, cheesey romance novels lol All in all, I'm pretty laid back... walking through this thing called life!! 🤗

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