This is the man, I hunger to be mine.

I awake each morning,
With no one to hold.
For a day in New York City,
Has captured my soul.
Like fireworks that go off,
In the dark night time sky,
In an instant I knew,
I desired this guy.
A quick passing time,
Was all that we had,
I miss him, I want him,
It’s making me sad.
Astounding to me, impressive to him,
What hours of conversation had done.
For two unattached hearts,
Suddenly fluttering, as one.

Some say it’s crazy,
Some say it can’t be,
We must be living,
One hell of a dream.
Who falls in love,
When it’s at first sight?
I guess that would be me,
Dear heart, get ready to fight!
For when I stare deeply into those blues,
I knew it was awesome,
And loving him forever,
Was all I could do.
I want him to taste,
What it is to be loved,
I want him to perceive,
He’s in heaven above.
Give him the world,
Give him all of me.
Make him feel treasured,
And weak in the knees.
Be there, support him,
Take care of his soul…
Dear Lord, what’s happening,
I needed time to grow…
But now, I covet him,
I know our timing,
Is not the very best.
Surely it has to be,
Some type of test.
I bid my heart,
We will be fine…
This is the man,
I hunger to be mine.
Patience is a virtue,
So many have spoken,
I just want him here,
My heart to never be broken,
To make love, to cherish,
Every moment we spend,
To know that it’s us,
Until the very end.


Author: JuSteph4All

I have an extreme love for conveying life in colorful words! Since I can remember, I have loved everything about writing, creating.. Bringing my mind to different places. Better yet ... having someone else's mind go to another place, makes me happiest!! I'm a wife, daughter, and most importantly ... Mom. I live and breathe for my family. I love to write, read, ride my bike, hang at the lake, NYC, being outside, people watching ;) My guilty pleasure is trashy, cheesey romance novels lol All in all, I'm pretty laid back... walking through this thing called life!! 🤗

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